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Adolescent Literature

Eastern Oregon University

LIB 389


CUESTE/LIB 389 students, click here.

This site is devoted to the study of adolescent literature. All poetry, books and resources are submitted by students who are prospective teachers, teachers themselves or adolescents.

Books CUESTE Poetry Resources Database

If you have something you would  like to add to this site, please go to the category in which your subject fits. There you will find instructions for making additions. All submissions are reviewed for accuracy before posting.

(Editors Note:  Sometimes, you might get an error in the form submission. I tried it several times one day and could not post anything. The next day all the forms worked just fine. I think it's an Internet problem. If you should encounter a form that won't submit, please just email me the information and I will get it posted.)

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

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