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Project Gutenberg

Free literature available to download online. Project is donation funded.

Martin Hickey

Hundreds of searchable full text works of writing available to download for free or peruse for full or partial review.

Martin Hickey
Literature Project http://literatureprojectcom 

A collection of classic books, poems, speeches and plays that are downloadable e-text of the work.

Martin Hickey
At Home With Multicultural Literature 

This site provides a great list of multicultural literature works at a middle school and high school level. It also provides advice on how to structure lesson plans for these books.

Dawn Smith
The History Net 

A complete website of all aspects of history, including wars, people profiles, etc.

Keenan Hoar
Social Studies School Service 

This site contains vast resources for Social Studies, government, U.S. history, countries and regions. 

Keenan Hoar
The Children's Literature Web Guide 

Book lists by the dozens! Authors, banned books, etc.

Jennifer Colman
Building Rainbows 

Book reviews and contributions

Jennifer Colman
The Center for Children's and Young Adult Literature

The Center works to promote the use of literature in the education and lives of children and young adults by providing workshops for teachers and librarians, and sponsoring talks by authors and illustrators which are open to the public.

Jennifer Colman
Young Adult Literature

This page contains links to sites specifically devoted to young adult literature and middle / high school age readers.  

Josh Hobson
Young Adult Literature Links

This site contains book talks and reviews and web links for adolescent literature.

Josh Hobson
Young Adult Literature Library

On these pages you will find short summaries and reviews of more than thirty high-quality young-adult novels, which mostly are suitable for use in the English literature classroom. There are also many other useful resources for teachers, parents and readers alike that hopefully will help a little to promote the teaching of these books. I hope you will find some inspiration here.

Josh Hobson
Word Reference 

This site is great for foreign language translations. It's easy to use and can translate Spanish, German, French, and of course, English. For those times when you don't need a complete translation, but the conversion of just a few words or phrases.

Joe Martin
Summer Reading Program

Great site provided by the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.  This site gives a whole host of links to other sties that have poetry, adolescent literature, fables and fairy tales, myths and legends. It also gives links to children's magazines and to adolescent journals.

Wendy Allen
Books Reviewed by Teens for Teens

A long list of new books, mostly fiction, that teens have read and reviewed. A service of St. Louis Country Library

Eric Howard

Booklists compiled by New York public library's young adult librarians. A range of booklists on special topics.

Eric Howard
Alexandra Digital Literature

You can enter information on what books you like, and Alexandria Library will suggest other books for you. Books tend to be in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Classics.

Eric Howard
Library Planet

Great site for young adolescent literature. Has links to other sites such as Newberry Award winners, teacher resources for lesson planning, and banned books.

Wendy Allen
WWW For Teachers

A wonderful site with tons of resources, including lesson plans, games, magazines and articles, do it yourself rubrics and many other items that can aid in the classroom.

Heather Heinz
The New York Times Daily Lesson Plans 

This is a useful site which has tons of lesson plans for teacher to use, plus links to sites with resource information for teachers.

Debra Mills
The On-Line Books Page 

This site contains complete texts online, links to websites for authors and other helps. There have been times when this site has been a great help in reviewing a book I had already returned to the library.

Angelica Frutos
Scholastic Teachers 

This is a great resource for teachers to do monthly book orders with their class. This site also has links to resources, teaching plans, reading programs, authors and books.

Angelica Frutos
Adolescent Literature

Good site for adolescent books, poetry. Has a variety of great links including Newberry Award books, a poetry site that send daily poetry by email to subscriber, short synopsis on all genres of adolescent literature, and al ink to to order these products.

Wendy Allen
The Gateway Lesson Plan Site

Awesome site containing multitudes of lesson plans for K-12 in a wide variety of subject areas.  Lesson plans are complete with handouts, articles and everything you need to use them. Also available in print format for easy printing.

Debra Mills
All Shakespeare 

Like the title says: All Shakespeare. A great source for play summaries, analysis, and approaches.  Very user friendly for teachers and students alike.

Joe Martin
National Council of Teachers of English

Good resource for teachers of language arts. The NCTE publishes monthly journals targeted toward specific grade levels as well as numerous books related to English pedagogy. If you decide to become a member, student membership fees are available. Besides, it looks good on a resume.

Joe Martin
Dodgeville Middle School Media Library Center http://www.dsd.k12/wi/us/dms/lmc/subject/larts.htm 

Dodgeville Middle School Library Media Center (LMC)  6th Grade Language Arts - Mrs. Dolphin, Instructor - Room 339 7th Grade Language Arts - Mrs. Hottmann, Instructor - Room 326 8th Grade Language Arts  It looks like a lot of work and research has gone into this site. IT provides, among other things, author homepages, which could be an invaluable resource.

Valerie PfefferVerley
AOL School-Middle School Language Arts

Literature Composition Foreign Language Journalism Speech & Debate  Read through the biographies of the men who sign An amazing site that provides links to many great sites on the web for further exploration of literature, composition, as well as many other disciplines.

Valerie PfefferVerley
Safety Harbor Middle School Language Arts

This is another site that is packed with a lot of work, including power point presentations for many areas. One presentation that I looked at was for persuasive writing. Well worth the time to take a look and may also prove to be a great tool for teaching.

Valerie PfefferVerley
Learn with Ern NetMentor
If technology is not your strongest area, I believe that this site would be a good place to start so that you could take advantage of what is on the web.
Valerie PfefferVerley
Middleweb Language Arts

A good link on the topic we've checked out ourselves English Reading Writing Literacy Research Reports -- This is a great place to start with articles about teaching language arts. It provides many links well worth exploring. One can also go back to its homepage and learn much about teaching middle school.

Valerie PfefferVerley
Middle School Language Arts
Middle School Language Arts Bookmarks Literature Adolescent Literature Quick Author List Booklist: Youth--Older Fiction (Archive) Student recommendations of books Central Virginia's Community Online - Book Links - The Halls of Tolkien Books Teen/K. Some of the links donít work, but there are so many that the ones that do work are worth following.
Valerie PfefferVerley
Young Adult Literature- Middle and Secondary English and LA
English & language arts resources for teachers and librarians in middle and secondary schools. This site is like hitting the jackpot for language arts teachers. It has categories that provide links for many areas that can be taught in the language arts middle school.
Valerie PfefferVerley
Smithsonian In Your Classroom
The Smithsonian Education site features lesson plans for elementary and middle school teachers. Innovative and colorful lessons cover art, language arts, science and social studies.
Valerie PfefferVerley
Mrs. Bradley and Dr. Hoffman Teach LA

Here are some web sites related to their teaching: African American History Ancient Egypt The Wonders of Africa Homelessness Native Americans This is a site well worth looking at, especially if you are trying to integrate social studies and language arts. They have worked hard to provide many links that would be invaluable resources for the areas listed above.

Valerie PfefferVerley
A categorized, annotated list of over 2500 sites to help educators, teachers, and parents enhance instruction and support the curriculum.
This is a great site that contains many links. All of which could be helpful with teaching in a middle school environment.
Valerie PfefferVerley
Top 100 Authors for Children 

Great site for researching authors who produce adolescent literature.

Debra Mills
Biographies of Authors

Gives a good account of biographies of different authors.

Debra Mills
Favorite Fairy Tales 

History of favorite fairy tales.

Debra Mills
Book Reviews

Book reviews for children's books from all genres.

Debra Mills
Helping Children Cope 

Books ranging from child abuse to moving to help children cope with difficult times.

Debra Mills
Jane Yolen Website 

An excellent children's author, writes in many genres.

Debra Mills
Avi's Home Page 

Home page of famous writer Avi.

Debra Mills
Judy Blume's Official Website 

An all time favorite of girls of all ages.

Debra Mills
Favortie Teenage Angst Books 

A list of books with gut-wrenching themes that appeal to teenagers.

Debra Mills
Historical Fiction for Young Adults 

Book reviews of historical novels that young adults will love.

Debra Mills
Karen Cushman 

A Newbery winner, historical novels, a favorite of middle schoolers.

Debra Mills
Virgina Hamilton 

A classic novelist of the Newbery Award.

Debra Mills
Terabithia Home Page 

Katherine Patterson home page. Find out about the author behind the novel.

Debra Mills
HPS Media Department 

A great source of books on the Internet for young adult readers.

Debra Mills

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