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Poems and links submitted by students

To submit a poem or a poetry link, click here.

Deep in Our Refrigerator (submitted by Debra Mills)

How To Torture Your Teacher (submitted by Debra Mills)

The Spider and the Fly (submitted by Angelica Frutos)

The Cremation of Sam McGee (submitted and read by Joe Martin)

Theodore the Poet (submitted by Marty Hickey)

Turn Off the TV! (submitted by Debra Mills)

The Love of the Game (submitted by Aaron Schaad)

Poetry Websites

The Poets Corner (submitted by Aaron Schaad)


This site contains poetry from a vast array of subjects
Poetry Teachers

(Submitted by Wendy Allen) 


This web site lists strategies, activities and lesson plans for teaching poetry.
Giggle Poetry

(submitted by Debra Mills) 

Poems, contests, poetry instruction, lesson plans for poetry and fiction. Great resource for teachers and students!
Allen Harris's Poetry and Thought of the Day

(submitted by Angelica Frutos) 

A wonderful way to start the day with a thought and a poem. You can request an email deposit of his poem of the day to be delivered to you.


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