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Books- Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy , Adventure and Science Fiction


1.  Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (6th/7th grade)

    Satire, humor, fantasy and futuristic theme. Alien/human relations, egocentrism of human race, funny anecdotes, time travel. A great read.


2.  The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery (advanced 7th/8th grades)

    Written as a kids book but adult themes and philosophy. Prince from another world visits different worlds, teaches morals and philosophical insights.


3.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (7th-12th grades)

    Pure fantasy, wizards, magic, sports, school. Long book but a fantastic read.


4.  Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (6th -8th grades)

    6 books, fantasy series. Very imaginative. Fun reading for anyone.


5.  Doc Savage by Kenneth Robeson (7th-8th grades)

    Series, written in 1934, superheroes.  Physically outstanding, solves mysteries, 1930's era.


6.  Indiana Jones - The Early Years (author to come) (6th - 8th)

    The adventures of young Indiana Jones, each story he runs into some historical person or place.


7.  Clockwork by Phillip Pullman (6th-8th)

    Fantasy, storyteller, master clockworker and apprentice, selling soul to devil theme. An outrageous and engaging tale.


8. Sasquatch by Roland Smith (6th)

    Teenage boy/father relationships, Mt. St. Helens, Father is looking for Sasquatch, nobody believes him, father has an accident, boy rescues him, they see Sasquatch. Slow, easy to read, predictable.


9. Tarzan by Edgar Rice Bouroughs (8th)

    Tarzan series of books, written in early 1930's, different adventures, good triumphs over evil.


10.  Everworld by K.A. Applegate (8th-12th)

   Not for the faint at heart. Teens who are caught between worlds, mythical world made by the Gods, struggles, war, blood and gore, romance. Second in a series of Three. A good read for boys who hate reading.


11. Island of the Aunts by Eva Ibbotson (6th-8th)

    Fantasy, three elderly women who take care of mythical creatures, they are getting old so they are looking for new caretakers, they find children who come to the island, relationships, magic, fun read.


12.  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (8th-12th)

    The real life story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, 1700's era, mystery, horror, adventure.


13.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowlings (6th-12th)

    One of the most disputed books in adolescent literature, great for young adults, fantasy, sorcery, attention grabbing!


14.  Holts Anthology of Science Fiction published by Holt, Rhinehardt, Winston (teacher resource)

    An anthology of Science Fiction authors, teaching tool, the difference between science and fiction and how elements of science are contained in Science Fiction stories, has point for teaching and links to other books.


15.  Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander (6th-8th)

    A talking cat who transports his boy and he through time on 9 separate adventures in time, historically accurate.



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